A wonderful world

The amazing human civilization, descended from the wonderful evolution of species is characterized by many strengths and weaknesses, but emerges unequivocally from the rest of creatures on Earth by the consciousness of death and a deep spirituality.

Starting with the first steps of its civilizing process, the mankind has created an alternative, fantastic world, used both to justify unexplainable natural phenomena, but also as a moral tool of education or, later, propaganda and political influence.

Concerned about their own evolution, the humans had established a relationship of respect and modesty with the surrounding world, from the early cave inscriptions in the Stone Age. The sentiment and action of worship subsequently propagated in temples and places of adulation, became sacred, transferring it to the ruling elites often perceived as legitimate rulers of the destinies of nations.

The pantheons became spear tips for expansion of the influences throughout ancient civilizations, emphasizing the strategic importance that religion always represented, especially in the last two millennia.

Later, the legends and myths of gods and heroes entered the folklore and history. The old religions have become mythology, temples and sacrificial altars were replaced by churches and mosques, but mysticism flourished again and again, in one form or another.

For millennia, we live under the mysterious firmament of the Universe, whose mysteries we are maidenly trying to discern. We love, we hate, we feel, we live and die in a perpetual movement and clash of cultures and mentalities. And for that we have access to a single host, welcoming and mysterious: a planet full of life and mysticism. Terramythica.

mitologiile lumii

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